Saturday, 22 September 2012

God’s ever expanding Kingdom

The pews creaked as I contemplated approaching the altar for Holy Communion. I had been praying, Lord, I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the word…but would the priest deem me worthy? Was I going to be permitted to give myself to Christ in this act of receiving Holy Communion, and thus take one step closer to my desired union with God?

As I knelt reflecting on the possibility of a place for me in God’s Kingdom, I reflected on the creaking pews, not only in this church, but around the world, all those kneelers stretched under the weight of so many looking for a place in God’s Kingdom.

The creak of the stretching wood is an evocative image, reminiscent of the creak in heaven as God stretches out to enfold us.  It is also reminiscent of our bodies and minds stretching, extending and reaching heavenward; the creaking wood is but a tiny echo and a tiny reminder, that God’s divine grace, and our desire for eternal life are one continuous exercise in stretching.  May your whole life stretch out before you, as you stretch to embrace God’s love which enfold you.

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