Monday, 28 May 2012

Overcoming Life's Separations

People do not speak much about sinfulness anymore, but it hasn't gone away, it does still exist. I tend to think about sinfulness as a measurement of distance. If we really use a tape measure to determine such things, how far would your thoughts, feeling and actions be right now from the thoughts, feelings and actions that God wants for you and the world?

If you are like me, you can probably all think of a time or times when you were aware of the distance between you and God. You might also ask yourself another question, what is causing this distance between you and God, is it you, is it others, or is it something you do not understand? Sometimes you may be the cause of the separation, sometimes the separation between you and God has been influenced by others, and sometimes it is caused in ways you cannot comprehend. In every case, because you find yourself unable to be God's love and blessing for the world, you then find yourself living in sin or as I have suggested above, you are living in a separated state.

So what might you do? Well you pray to God, but more specifically you approach his Son Jesus in prayer. Jesus who walked the earth lives amongst us in Spirit. While you do not see Jesus or the Spirit, when you ask him to help you to overcome this distance between you and God, he will help you. And the prayer is not magic, it is not the sort of thing you will say once and never have to repeat. Instead, you will have to say this prayer more than once a week, more than once a day. Each of us will do well to be saying this prayer several times each day. Try it, and see how God our Father, through his Son Jesus Christ will transform your life through the power of their Holy Spirit.